FHT Bali Exhibition 2016

The enjoyable trip to Bali was over.   By the time I boarded the plane bound for Hong Kong, I already started missing Bali and the people there.   So hospitable are the Indonesians that I look forward to coming back soon. 

Friendship aside, the relationship between our distributor and Brandon is on solid ground.   The Brandon gas cooking equipment of good quality at a highly competitive price makes it easy for our distributor to penetrate into the market.   In the show, our quality really stood out.   12 years of experience in making gas cooking range for Australia, Europe and America stands us in good stead.    Our equipment shone with good finishing, attracting passers-by to just stop by and watch.  

People I met at the cooking equipment exhibition at Bali

There are good reasons to believe that order are imminent after the exhibition.  There were of course cooking equipment of western brands on show, but some of them are no longer made in their native countries, which was readily noticeable when customers took a look at the rough weld and polish.   An imprudent choice of OEM manufacturer in China will soon take their toll on their brand equity and image. 

The show was an excellent place to meet people.  Competitive sentiment seems to give way to friendliness and hospitality which Bali has a lot to offer.   I had a chance to meet with regional managers from Europe and South East Asia, sometimes in cafe and sometimes in restaurants.  

Bali’s sunshine and beaches are internationally renowned so my busy schedule is no excuse to turn down good friends’ offer to take me to the famous Kuta beach and Legion beach.  That was one of the very few occasions in my life to walk on the soft silky sand in formal attire.    All of a sudden I felt like reincarnated as Arnold Schwarzenegger and uttered “I’ll be back . . .  but with swim trunk and goggles”. 

Photos showing good relationship with Brandon customers

I sincerely hope that I will not be kept too busy by the daily factory drudgery.  No matter what, South East Asia should be the focus of Brandon in 2016.  I look forward to returning to this vibrant market soon. 

Brian Chan, at Bali

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