Deep Fat Gas Fryer (3 burner)


Note: importer, dealer and kitchen contractor are entitled to BIG discount off list price above.

CE certified by Intertek.  Another star product of the Chinese fryer expert manufacturer, Brandon,  who exports hundreds of gas fryer to Europe every year.

Powerful burners (90,000 btu/h for 3 burner, 11500 btu/h for 4 burner) enable quick temperature recovery; this is how you serve crispy French Fries.

The fryer is designed in American dimensions (400 x 800 mm); the gas valve and major gas components are all from Italy; fry pot of 304 grade stainless steel.   Our GF3 can easily be the best value as well as the most sought after gas fryer from China.    Most suitable for restauranteur looking for economical fryer (for hotelier please choose our modular fryer).


Capacity: 25 Liter
Burner’s rating: 93,000 Btu/h (27 kW)

Gas type: Natural Gas, LPG
Gas Inlet: BSP 1/2″
Product dimension: 393mm(W) x 800mm(D) x (910mm+270mm) (Working Height plus splash back)
Number of tank: single tank
Fry area: 353mm x 355mm

Number of baskets: two
Other accesories: Crumb screen X1; Drain clog clearance prod x1; Drain oil extension pipe
Net weight: 65 kg

Additional information

Weight 71.5 kg
Dimensions 480 × 840 × 1230 mm