Gas Range 900 Series Pasta Cooker with Cabinet


Note: importer, dealer and kitchen contractor are entitled to BIG discount off list price above.

Brandon’s gas pasta cooker is one of the best selling kitchen equipment in 2016. It can cook variety of food, pasta, noodle, dumpling or vegetables.  6 small noddle baskets and three bigger pasta basket.

Powerful burner rating 81,921 Btu/h (24 kW) can boil the water to 100 degree very quickly.

90 cm depth can be combined with other range equipment of burner stove, BBQ, griddle.  This cooking equipment is suitable for both western restaurant and Chinese kitchen.


Model Number: BGC-900WC6
Burner’s rating: 81,912 Btu/h (24 kW)

Gas type: Natural Gas, LPG
Gas Inlet: BSP3/4″
Product dimension: 800mm(W) x 900mm(D) x (850mm+70mm)

Net weight: 108 kg